Video-Doctrine Series

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ep. 1: Beyond rangtong
ep. 4: Tathagatagarbha Sutras & Jonang’s “Empty-of-Other” view
ep. 7: Rangtong (Self-Emptiness) and Zhentong (Other-Emptiness) in 3 min!
ep. 2: Why do Self-Empty view holders & Other-Empty view holders fight?
ep. 5: Maitreya talks about “Other Emptiness”
ep. 8: Everybody has a Buddha within!
ep. 3: Zhengtong (Empty-of-Other view) in definitive sutras
ep. 6: The Third Dharma Wheel is Definitive!
(Interview 1-5) Jonang=mainstream=Chinese Chan school. 3rd Dharma wheel=ultimate
(Interview 1-6) Our work on Dolpopa, Taranatha & Maitreya keeps Jonang tradition alive
(Interview 2-2) Perfect example of BDRC‘s good karma.Technology upgrade
excerpt #1.
excerpt #4.
Do readers love or hate the book “A General Explanation of Buddha’s Teaching”?
Our book goes to Harvard!《佛教總釋》被哈佛大學收錄!
excerpt #2.
excerpt #5.
【Jonang】list of libraries to borrow the book for free
The Book “A General Explanation of Buddha’s Teaching” is in China now! (English w Chinese subtitles)
excerpt #3.
excerpt #6
【Jonang】New book! First time in Jonang history! 《A General Explanation of Buddha’s Teaching》
Part 1: Against All Odds
Part 2: The Road to Masterdom
The young Jonang master, Dolpopa – a genius, who ran away from home
What exactly is empty in #Empty-of-Other?