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  • Jonang's "empty-of-other" view is the mainstream of Tibetan Buddhism. Jonang Dharma and the Chinese Chan Dharma are similar. The Buddha's the third turning of the Dharma wheel is the highest (ultimate) wheel.

  • Our work keeps Jonang tradition alive.

  • Jonang Dharma Volunteers website is a perfect example of BDRC‘s good karma.Technology upgrade.

Video series onJonang teachings

We will continue producing the following video series: Jonang master Dolpopa's Biography series, Dolpopa's A General Explanation of Buddha's Teaching series, the Empty-of-Other view series and the scholar series.
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Dolpopa biography

Against all odds 02 (English)

Against all odds 01 (English)

The young Jonang master, Dolpopa -- a genius, who ran away from home(Chinese)

The young Jonang master, Dolpopa -- a genius, who ran away from home(English)

Dolpopa's A General Explanation of Buddha's Teaching series

A General Explanation of Buddha's Teaching ,excerpt 01 (Chinese)-- Dolpopa's first major work on his Empty-of-Other view

A General Explanation of Buddha's Teaching ,excerpt 09 (Chinese)-- Dolpopa's first major work on his Empty-of-Other view

Empty-of-other view series

Dolpopa's Empty-of-other view is found in sutras.(Chinese and English)

What exactly is empty in #Empty-of-Other?(Chinese and English)

Can't believe Dolpopa said..... (shocking!) about Other Emptiness

Scholar series

Prof. Douglas S. Duckworth on the ultimate reality being the support and pervader (English and Chinese)

Prof. David Seyfort Ruegg on Absolute gnosis being constant and permanent (English and Chinese)

Jonang's path to liberation is through realizing the tathāgatagarbha. Dzong-kha-pa misses the mark. Quotes by Prof. Magee (English and Chinese).

Dr. Michael Sheehy:Refuting attack on Jonang Dharma
(English and Chinese).

Klaus-Dieter Mathes:Ultimate Reality is "empty of other", not "empty of self” (English and Chinese).

Dr. Tony Page: True Self=Transmigrator's Root

Dr. Ellen Rozett.:Non-Empty Form = Tathagatagarbha Form (English and Chinese).

Dr. Gruschke: Jonang's Tathagatagarbha teaching = Chan's sudden Enlightenment

How to see Dharmata? Jonang master Dolpopa's teachings.

Where is the unchanging, permanent basis of existence?

Great Madhyamaka (Mahamadhyamaka) is Ultimate Reality! Dolpopa says.

Absolute emptiness is NO EMPTY!(Chinese and English)

Taranatha on Emptiness

Self-Emptiness (Rantong) and Other-Emptiness (Shentong)

Nirvana=Ultimate Reality, according to Jonang master, Dolpopa.

Fourth Collection: Dolpopa's final work in 6 minutes!

Jonang master Taranatha tells you: What are three natures?

Dolpopa and Nagarjuna on Other Emptiness

Shentong (Empty-of-Other) view in Ratnagotravibhaga Sutra

Ultimate Zhentong! "Empty of Other" from Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra

The History of Zhentong series, episode 1: Beyond rangtong

The Buddha never said anything redundant! Hence, "Other Emptiness" is true

Why do rangtongpas (Self-Empty view holders) & zhentongpas (Other-Empty view holders) fight so much?

Zhengtong (Empty-of-Other view) found in the definitive sutras

Tathagatagarbha Sutras and Jonang's "Empty-of-Other" view found in them!

Wisdom inside Jonang Dharma....
is within reach!

Jonang Dharma teaches "the Great Madhyamaka" doctrine. This makes Jonang Dharma very precious. 

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Scanning, organizing, and digitizing the Jonang literature is an on-going saga. With the newly-excavated literature gradually becomeing available, we are excited to provide free service to all that is interested in Jonang Dharma, at this historical juncture.