Tāranātha’s complete works in 45 volumes, Pe Cin edition

Tāranātha’s complete works in 45 volumes, Pe Cin edition.

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Tāranātha’s complete works, as presented in the Pe Cin (or Beijing) edition, can be downloaded following the links below. "Section 1: image-based files" section provides the complete 45 volumes of scanned books, kindly made available by BDRC (Buddhist Digital Resource Center) and TBRC (Tibet Buddhist Resource Center, www.tbrc.org), under its generous licensing policy. We at Jonang Dharma Association have selectively collected the Jonang-related original materials from BDRC, TBRC and other sources, and made text-based files from image-based files so that users can conveniently search, copy, and paste as they wish. Our goal is making these ancient manuscripts electronically searchable and usable so that more people will come to understand and appreciate the wisdom in them.

Users can also download the text-based files under the “Section 2: text-based file” section. These files are made from the image-based files through Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR). The page number in these text-based files completely correspond to the image-based files; that is, some pages are left blank intentionally, because the corresponding pages from the original file are themselves blank, have pictures with no texts, or contain modern contents not belonging to Tāranātha’s writings. The original image-based files are acquired from TBRC under TBRC’s generous licensing policy. Users can access the original image-based files here on jonangdharma.com or TBRC’s website. The accuracy of these text-based files is not 100%, due to the limitation of OCR technology. However, we at Jonang Dharma Association try our best to correct inaccuracies with human eyes, and will make better versions freely accessible to the public when they become available. Any correction and suggestion is welcome.


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Section 1: Image-based files

Section 2: Text-based files

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