“Without overcoming that root ignorance, they assert that the conception of self is overcome through realizing some other phenomenon—the tathāgatagarbha—unrelated with that conception of inherently existent self.”

-William Magee


-William Magee

Professor William Magee

William (Bill) Magee, PhD taught Introduction to Literary Tibetan at the University of Virginia for thirteen years. From 2003 until 2011 he taught Tibetan religious traditions at Dharma Drum Buddhist College in Taiwan and retired to become Vice President of Jeffrey Hopkins’ UMA Institute for Tibetan Studies.

Co-author with Elizabeth Napper of Fluent Tibetan: A Proficiency-Oriented Learning System for Novice and Intermediate Tibetan, he has published several books about Indian and Tibetan philosophical thought as well as a novel about a fictitious Tibet of the future.

Recently, Bill has published three books in a series on Jam-yang-shay-pa’s Great Exposition of the Interpretable and the Definitive.These translations as well as more information about Bill are available here.

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