Video-Scholar Series

  • This video takes the excerpts from the scholar’s public publications and make them easier to understand to the general audience. The content and intellectual property belong to the author.
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Dolpopa teaches you how to realize Buddha-nature!
Buddha-nature IS Other-Emptiness!
Dolpopa categorizes Emptiness into TWO!

Scholar Series – Ink painting style

Absolute emptiness is NO EMPTY!
Jonang master Taranatha tells you: What are three natures?
Great Madhyamaka (Mahamadhyamaka) is Ultimate Reality! Dolpopa says.
Ultimate Zhentong! “Empty of Other” from Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra
Fourth Collection: Dolpopa’s final work in 6 minutes!

Scholar Series – Anime style

Dr. Tony Page: True Self=Transmigrator’s Root
Refuting attack on Jonang Dharma
Wisdom is the mind of nirvāṇa by Dr. Douglas Duckworth
Nirvana=Ultimate Reality, according to Jonang master, Dolpopa.
The Buddha never said anything redundant! Hence, “Other Emptiness” is true
Pristine Awareness is Ultimate Nature!
Non-Empty Form = Tathagatagarbha Form by Dr. Ellen Rozett.
Jonang‘s path to liberation: realizing Tathāgatagarbha
Taranatha explains Emptiness
Dolpopa and Nagarjuna on Other Emptiness
“Dharmakaya” is really true! Here is the proof.
Ultimate Reality is “empty of other”, not “empty of self”
Absolute gnosis is constant, permanent 
Self-Emptiness (Rantong) and Other-Emptiness (Shentong)
Shentong (Empty-of-Other) view in Ratnagotravibhaga Sutra
“One-Being-Empty-of-the Other” is not “Other Emptiness”?

Scholar Series – Image style

Jonang’s Tathagatagarbha doctrine = Chan’s “sudden enlightenment” method.
Can’t believe Dolpopa said….. about Other Emptiness
How to see Dharmata? Jonang master Dolpopa’s teachings.
Where is the unchanging, permanent basis of existence?

Scholar Series – Scenery style

The 2nd wheel is interpretive. The 3rd wheel is DEFINITIVE!
Understand the difference between Consciousness & Wisdom in 3 min!
The Origin of the “Self-Emptiness & Other-Emptiness Distinction”
Middle & final Dharma wheel turnings are NOT at the same level of definitiveness!
Three Natures = foundation of Great Madhyamaka
What the heck is the difference between “consciousness” & “wisdom”?!
Samsara and Nirvana are like a shadow and the sun! (rendering error fixed)
Understand “Other-Emptiness is not dead emptiness” in 3 minutes!
“Ultimate Reality” IS Tathagatagarbha!
The origin of Self-empty and Other-empty in 5 min!
“Great Nirvana” is “Ultimate Truth”!
“Consummate Nature” is Omnipresent!
“Ultimate Reality” is NOT inherently empty!
Primordial Wisdom transcends Consciousness!
Direct perception of Ultimate Reality in meditative equipoise is the key!
”Nondual Consciousness” is Tathagatagarbha!
“Three Natures” explained by Jonang Dharma!
Relationship between Dharmakaya & Emptiness
The Buddha’s Final Turning (3rd) of the Dharma Wheel is Great
The Buddha’s last turning of the Dharma wheel is the Mahayana essence!
Essential Self is fundamental to Enlightenment!
Shentong (Other-Emptiness) vs. Mahamudra (Great Seal)
True Other-Emptiness vs. False Other-Emptiness!
“Other-Emptiness” is “empty of anything other than Buddha Nature”
Tathagatagarbha is endowed in everyone’s continuum?!