Our mission is to reveal the wisdom inside the Jonang Dharma by providingfree downloadsof recently-recovered Jonang literature to all.

We are all volunteers

We are a group of volunteers who after discovering the astonishing treasure of Jonang Dharma, have decided to dedicate our efforts and time in making Jonang Dharma known to more people. None of us gets paid or receives any financial gain. We buy our equipments out of our own pockets and we are very happy to provide free service to all who is interested in Jonang Dharma.

Jonang Dharma is a special treasure among Tibetan Buddhism for its "eight-consciousnesses" doctrine

Jonang is an important sect in Tibetan Buddhism. However, its monks were killed and its temples were confiscated in the mid-17th century. Its literature was also destroyed and has been banned since then. Some of the Jonang literature, in the form of print blocks and handwritten folios, was excavated and brought to the western world in the 1990's. As a result, its rich teachings have been gradually discovered. Through a series of effort by organizations such as TBRC, the blocks and folios were preserved and scanned. However, most of the Jonang texts remain picture files, which cannot be searched. We at the We work on further digitizing the picture files with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and human typing in order to make text files, which can be searched, copied and pasted. We also work on collecting the available Jonang texts from various other sources, organizing them in an author-specific and topic-specific manner to reduce entropy for Jonang researchers. All service we provide is free to anyone who is interested in Jonang Dharma.

We website provides Dolpopa's, Tāranātha's and Maitreya's works for download

Besides organizing, digitizing and translating the works of the two Jonang patriarchs--Dolpopa & Tāranātha--we also work on clarifying Maitreya’s Five Treatises, because the Jonang Dharma literature often cites these five treatises when it comes to debate, but their English and Chinese translations have some inconsistencies. Therefore, in order to properly understand the Jonang Dharma, we will provide parallel comparisons of Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese, English and other languages, in a paragraph-to-paragraph manner, for each treatise. The comparison files will be ready for download soon.

We use OCR and human typing to make text-based files

OCR technology is not 100% accurate by nature, and our subsequent correction by human eyes may still contain errors despite our best intention. If you would like to point out errors to us, or provide any suggestion, please use “Contact us” form. Thank you.