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"gzhan stong" versus "rang stong"?

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"gzhan stong" versus "rang stong"? was created by Skywalker

I've googled it a little bit but just found a very high-level introduction.
Like this - Jonang declares "gzhan stong", but others hold "rang stong".
However, I really don't understand what is the intent to address self-emptiness or other-emptiness if everything is emptiness?
Can someone enlighten me on this query?
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Replied by Kumo on topic "gzhan stong" versus "rang stong"?

I do have the same question. Any answer, please?
9 months 11 hours ago #7

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Replied by julie_huangmh@hotmail.com on topic "gzhan stong" versus "rang stong"?

The technical language found within zhentong literature conveys an interpretive model for distinguishing two definitions of emptiness: (a) emptiness devoid of an intrinsic nature (*svabhāva-śūnyatā, rang stong), and what is empty of everything other than buddha-nature (*parabhāva-śūnyatā, gzhan stong). This multivalent codification of śūnyatā and tathāgatagarbha is then spliced into (a) emptiness and (b) great emptiness (*mahāśūnyatā, stong pa chen po), referring to the ultimate emptiness that is permanently continuous.

In addressing this concern, Tāranātha poses the question:

"Some may wonder: Don’t the sūtras explain that even the expanse of phenomena is empty?

Response: In general, although there is what is empty and there is emptiness, these are not necessarily empty of an intrinsic nature. Pristine awareness is known to be emptiness because it is empty of everything within the subject-object complex or of fabrications that are imbued with the qualities that consist of anything other than itself. ( jonangfoundation.org/blog/other-emptiness )

For this part, you could find this website mentioned above to have better understanding about your query.
5 days 21 hours ago #8

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